There are many great reasons why you should use Polpropylene!

  • The Coolseal Seafood Packaging System is designed especially for the cold chain delivery of chilled fish, meat and other foods.
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    Kind to the environment

    Polypropylene is made up from carbon and hydrogen, and is manufactured without any dangerous emissions. All our products comply fully with the EC Environment commission directives.

  • Polypropylene containers are 100% recyclable by first shredding in to flakes and then reforming to pellets for re-use.
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    100% Fully Recyclable

    Polypropylene is a member of the polyolefin family - the easiest plastics to recycle - and the material can be simply granulated and reprocessed. 100% of the material is recoverable and re-usable.

  • Polypropylene based returnable packaging is 100% recyclable, fibre-free and water resistant helping prolonged use.
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    It can also be incinerated, without any harm to the environment. When burnt, polypropylene is non-toxic and will only give off water vapour and carbon dioxide, which is converted by photosynthesis.

  • Polypropylene containers can be molded to a variety of shapes and sizes and are extremely durable for long-term use.
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    Extremely Durable

    As Polypropylene is resistant to water and most oils, greases, and chemical products, it is extremely hard wearing, very tear resistant and therefore re-usable.

  • Available in a range of thicknesses and weights and even special colours can be produced for vibrant printing effects.
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    Vibrant and Printable

    Polypropylene is a member of the polyolefin family - the easiest plastics to recycle - and the material can be simply granulated and reprocessed. 100% of the material is recoverable and re-usable.

Shortlisted entries for the 2011 Northern Lincolnshire Business Awards

Published 19/09/2011

TODAY we take a look at the South Bank businesses which have significantly grown their overseas trading in the past year.
In the latest instalment of our mini-series looking at the shortlisted entries for the 2011 Northern Lincolnshire Business Awards, the highlight of the South Bank business calendar, we focus on the international trade award.
Sponsored by Natwest, the award recognises businesses which have experienced significant growth in international trade either through imports or exports.
Judges looked for pro-active companies of any age that move forward with enthusiasm, imagination and energy, and an eye on a sustainable future. Here those shortlisted for the category give us their take on the entry.
The award will be presented at a celebratory gala dinner, organised by Hull and Humber Chamber of Commerce, in partnership with GSMG, publisher of the Grimsby and Scunthorpe Telegraphs, at Grimsby Auditorium on Friday, May 20.
Location: Kiln Lane, Stallingborough
Core business: A leading provider of flowline connecting solutions to the global oil and gas industry
Managing director: Brian Purchon
Founded: 1973
Turnover: £9.6 million
Number of employees: 63
Mr Purchon said: “We have entered these awards because we believe we are a growing company firmly committed to providing growth, employment and positive publicity through our achievements to the people and community of North East Lincolnshire.
“Our business has seen seven years of continuous growth and our plans and investment project further continued success. In the past year we have relocated a complete manufacturing plant from our sister company in South Africa to Stallingborough creating employment in the process while many other companies are doing the reverse.
“We are currently redesigning the products for launch under a new brand name and have appointed international distributors for what is very much an export-driven product group.
“We firmly believe in the value of exports to both the local and national economies.”
Location: Grimsby Business Centre, King Edward Street, Grimsby
Core business: Design and manufacture of environmentally corrosion removers and inhibitors.
Owner: Paul Prince
Founded: 2007
Turnover: Not disclosed
Number of employees: 1
Mr Prince said: “Since September 2007 Shield Technology Ltd has focussed on designing, manufacturing and distributing a range of high performance specialist corrosion inhibitors. Our main thrust has been the woodworking market where many surfaces of tools and machines are left unprotected and can rust and stain when in contact with wood.
“Our most recent products, sold under the Restore Rust Remover brand name, are widely sold throughout Europe, Canada and the USA, with new markets emerging in the Czech Republic, Slovakia, former Eastern bloc countries and Japan. International sales volumes are high and our focus for business growth is export driven.
“I believe Shield Technology is probably unique in its ability to reach international customers, and to be awarded the NatWest Award for International Trade would be a fitting recognition of this achievement.”
Location: Estate Road No 1, South Humberside Industrial Estate, Grimsby
Core business: Packaging manufacturer.
Managing director: Stephen Clarke
Founded: 1974
Turnover: £5 million +
Number of employees: 45
Mr Clarke said: “We entered this category because our business life has become geared to export. This is not an accident but part of a strategy to create a “hub and spoke” system. This means creating tied customers by contract and by supply of bespoke machinery. This machinery is to be fed with consumables from the factory here in Grimsby.
“A privately owned company, our sales and profit performance are increasing and we have growing overseas sales – 39 per cent of CoolSeal sales last year, and 47 per cent in the first six months of this year. We are constantly investing in equipment, buildings and research.
“Every machine placement brings jobs to Grimsby, based on the Seafood industry, and adds to the image of expertise the cluster can provide.”
COMMITTED: Brian Purchon (front right), managing director of Shand Engineering Limited, with some of the team.
RUST RESTORE: Paul Prince, of Shield Technology Ltd.
STRATEGY: Tri-Pack Plastics managing director Stephen Clarke with the range of boxes produced for export.