There are many great reasons why you should use Polpropylene!

  • The Coolseal Seafood Packaging System is designed especially for the cold chain delivery of chilled fish, meat and other foods.
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    Kind to the environment

    Polypropylene is made up from carbon and hydrogen, and is manufactured without any dangerous emissions. All our products comply fully with the EC Environment commission directives.

  • Polypropylene containers are 100% recyclable by first shredding in to flakes and then reforming to pellets for re-use.
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    100% Fully Recyclable

    Polypropylene is a member of the polyolefin family - the easiest plastics to recycle - and the material can be simply granulated and reprocessed. 100% of the material is recoverable and re-usable.

  • Polypropylene based returnable packaging is 100% recyclable, fibre-free and water resistant helping prolonged use.
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    It can also be incinerated, without any harm to the environment. When burnt, polypropylene is non-toxic and will only give off water vapour and carbon dioxide, which is converted by photosynthesis.

  • Polypropylene containers can be molded to a variety of shapes and sizes and are extremely durable for long-term use.
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    Extremely Durable

    As Polypropylene is resistant to water and most oils, greases, and chemical products, it is extremely hard wearing, very tear resistant and therefore re-usable.

  • Available in a range of thicknesses and weights and even special colours can be produced for vibrant printing effects.
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    Vibrant and Printable

    Polypropylene is a member of the polyolefin family - the easiest plastics to recycle - and the material can be simply granulated and reprocessed. 100% of the material is recoverable and re-usable.

Our Company

Welcome to Tri-Pack Plastics, Home of CoolSeal Seafood Packaging System.

Tri-Pack Plastics, founded in 1974 can draw on many years of manufacturing experience at the forefront of the UK polypropylene plastic packaging industry. We specialise in profile extruded polypropylene, as it is attractive, durable, and above all environmentally friendly. Over the years the business has grown and evolved, culminating in the opening of our new factory extension, roadway and machinery in Spring 2011.

Take a look at the “About Tri-Pack” video to the left for an over-view of our extensive facilities.

Tri-Pack is proud of its employment record, with 16% of the staff being in continuous service for over 25 years, 25% over 20 years, and more than half over 10 years. We have well trained experienced and loyal staff who have worked hard as a team to achieve the BRC acrreditation, now re-approved for 2011

Plastic packaging for diverse UK industries

We operate in a wide variety of UK and European markets including chilled foods, pharmaceutical, retail, promotional and automotive. These industries have a wide variety of requirements where Tri-Pack can offer solutions. These range from multi printed small 1.5 kilo packs, up to 500 kilo bulk packs, as well as promotional, re-usable and special bespoke products.

We constantly push at the boundaries of both design and production methods to make products which are effectively different and new. Our progress in our manufacturing techniques and scale in the last 2 years has been remarkable.

We have pioneered many techniques, and patented our signature process of edge sealing the fluted polypropylene. We have a mind-set that promotes the question.. “what if we tried this or that?”

We constantly conduct internal experiments to create new products and processes. At our disposal we probably have the most comprehensive range of polypropylene converting techniques in the UK.

Much of our machinery is home designed and bespoke. We can offer outstanding screen and digital printing, thermal die-cutting, high speed gluing and both sonic and hot air welding. We also provide assembly, packing, collation and specialist finishing.

Amongst the companies who benefit from the versatility of our products are the overwhelming majority of the UK and French supermarkets, major food processors both at home and abroad. Nearly half our CoolSeal production is exported, and this is a growing trend.