Pioneers in Plastic Packaging

A varied range of companies use our products

We have the mindset that always asks the question.. "what if we try this or we do it that way?"

Tri-Pack Plastics operate in a wide variety of UK and European markets including chilled foods, pharmaceutical, retail, promotional and automotive. Tri-Pack can offer solutions for a wide variety of requirements ranging from multi printed small 1.5 kilo packs, up to 500 kilo bulk packs, as well as promotional, re-usable and special bespoke products.

We constantly push at the boundaries of both design and production methods to make products which are effectively different and new. At our disposal we have the most comprehensive range of polypropylene converting techniques in the UK.

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The BRC Global standards are a leading global safety and certification program for food packaging manufacturers. Tri-Pack adheres strictly to the hygiene, quality and safety requirements as laid out for the certification process.

We feel that our customers will receive a better service and products through the continued implementation of BRC.

Coolseal is the latest development in Fish Boxes from Tri-Pack Plastics.
Our patented fish and seafood box technology is used to seal the edges to provide a strong hygienic pack that is virtually unbreakable...

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When you use our products, you are also doing your bit to protect the environment.

We take our commitment to the environment very seriously and are delighted that our products comply fully with the EC Environment commission.